Broadcasting includes the programming and services of broadcasters and service providers of a variety of traditional and new types of content. This sub-domain includes those establishments engaged primarily in activities related to the transmission (dissemination) of radio, television and Internet-based programming. Broadcasting has traditionally been treated as a core culture sub-domain because most broadcasters do some in-house production and transmission as well as transmission of the content produced by others. At the same time, broadcasting is also an important distribution vehicle for content creators in the film, video and sound recording industries.

Radio, television, and the Internet are in the process of converging as the means of transmission and reception cross over boundaries that existed previously between the systems.

    • a) Radio: Traditional, satellite, pay and specialty radio production programming and related services
    • b) Television: Conventional over-the-air (OTA) television, cable, satellite, pay and specialty television programming and related services
    • c) Internet: Programming services and content, such as podcasts, on-line, streamed, mobile, and other types of on-line digital audio and visual products