Architectural Services

Architecture is concerned with the design of buildings and with landscape design. Creation services that are included in this group include design and construction documents; and plans, studies and other advisory services related to the design of buildings of public and private residential and non-residential buildings, structures, and environments. This sub-domain also includes urban planning. Only the design services of architecture and landscape architecture are included in culture, the physical construction of the buildings or built landscapes themselves are excluded unless designated as historic site they will be include in the Heritage domain

Design is a creative activity that transforms objects, environments, and services. Design is also a product in itself, in that it is an input into many other final products, including those produced by the live performance, publishing, broadcasting, film, and sound recording industries. Others include graphic, interior, industrial, jewellery, fashion, website, and other specialty design services. Engineering design is excluded from the definition of culture. Landscape design is included in the Architecture sub-domain.