Cultural Games


The game is played by two teams composed of 4 or 5 members each side on a bare ground. It uses Nsikwa (a small piece of dry saucer shaped guard with inserted piece of reed on the middle on which it spins) thrown to make a spinning movement aimed at knocking down the opponent’s Mwana/ana (maize cobs) which are the targets. The team that manages to known down all the ana of the opponent wins the game.




Nguli (corn-shaped wood carving) is a game played on a hard flat surface and the player has to keep the nguli spinning by whipping it with a whistle-like whip called thyapo






A game in the form of a board played on a number of shallow holes (magodi) dug on the ground by using stones or seeds which are placed in the shallow holes.





A female ball game played by two teams comprising of 2-5 members. One team positions its members on two opposing sides facing each other on a stretch of about 8-10 meters. The other team has its member at the middle where a bottle surrounded by a hip of sand is placed. One member of the team at the middle tries to fill the bottle with sand and the opponents try to stop her by throwing the ball to hit her.





Is a female game played by 2-8 players using beads and a metal plate. Each player bets a number beads of the same color, then one player collect the beads and pour them back in the plate from a height of about a quarter meter. The one whose single bead fell on the ground wins the game and collect the rest of the beads regardless of the numbers of beads from other the players.




This is a soccer game in which every player has a goal and must protect it. The size of the goals is measured by feet and the size of the goal is reduced according to goals scored on that particular goal until the goal is closed.


The game is played by a group of 2-8 players on the ground where a shallow hole is dug. A number of big seeds/stones are placed in the hole. The first player starts the game by throwing her stone/seed in the air, whilst the stone is still in the air would scoop all the stones from the hole and get them back leaving a number of stones/seeds depending on the stage of the game. The game goes on and on until all players have had their turns and the one who has not failed through her turns is declared the winner.




It is a parade performance with moves and commands adopted from military parade. The parade commander issue commands followed by while blowing for execution of different exercises coded from one to seventeen at random. Players smash the wooden dam-bells in a certain pattern as they dance depending on the exercise being executed. Success is based on how best the exercises are executed.


A game which involves hoping and jumping in squares drawn on the ground using phale (a flat stone) as a marker.


In this game the player jumps over a rope that is being turned under the feet and over the head.


A circlegame which involves locking legs with one another and dancing while singing.


One group rearranges the stones while the other team throws the ball at them and when all the stones have been arranged one on top of the other they put sand on a bottle cover called chalira, and the stones are scattered the team with many goals wins.


This game involves forming a circle and holding hands. They move in a circle while singing and the one who gets tired or falls is out of the game.