Cultural Institutions

Department of National Archives and Records Management

Tisunge Lowe Shire Heritage Center, P O Box 2279, Blantyre, Tel: 0111 912 922, Email:

Kungoni Arts and Crafts Center, P O Box 41 Mtakataka, Tel: 0999 511 884/0999 294 320, Email:

Museums of Malawi, P O Box 30360, Chichiri, Blantyre 3, Tel.8 No.:  0888551808, E-mail:

Oral Traditions of Malawi (OTAMA), Mzuzu University, P/Bag 201, Mzuzu 2, Tel. No.: 0888 850 414, E-mail:

Division of Antiquities/Monuments, P. O. Box 264, Lilongwe, Malawi. Telephone: + 265 1 755 778 Fax: +265 1 758 421

Copyright Society of Malawi, P/Bag   30784, Lilongwe 3, Malawi. Telephone:+265 (0)999334758


National Library Service

Department of Arts, P. O. Box 264, Lilongwe, Malawi

Mlambe Foundation, P. O. Box 622, Zomba, Malawi. Tel: +265 (0)999235823 E-mail:

Centre for Language Studies, P O Box 108, Zomba

Music Crossroads Malawi, P/Bag A48, Lilongwe,  Tel: + (265) 111749714  Cell + (265) 999 916 799  Email:     Email:

Department of Fine and Performing Arts, Chancellor College, University of Malawi

Bingu School of Culture and Heritage (BISCH), Malawi University of Science and Technology:

It is headed by an Executive Dean and currently, it is Dr Robert Chanunkha. The BISCH has two departments, namely, Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices Department; and Sports Sciences Department.

Sunganizakwathu Cultural Heritage Association

Established February, 2012

Mission of the Association 

To preserve, protect and promote intangible cultural heritage expressions which are practiced among more than ten (10) ethnic tribes settled across the country through public festivals, events and other media in order to promote awareness and appreciation of the ancestral cultures and links to socio-economic and tourism development

Vision of the Association

 To be a leading Non-Governmental Organization in bringing the origins, meanings and relevance of intangible cultural heritage expressions in Malawi and the SADC regions

Major Achievements

  • Have organized mini festivals in Zomba, Mchinji and Rumphi for traditional performances
  • Currently working on a Dr David Livingstone and slave trade sites project which will cover most parts of Malawi from north to south
  • Have brought together all ten (10) cultural heritage groups in Malawi to work together as a sub sector of Malawi Tourism Council to develop, package and market Malawi’s cultural heritage into a sustainable tourism product
  • One of the organisations working with TEVETA in developing curricula in the culture sector for technical and vocational education (TEVETA) institution

Office bearers

  1. Mr. Matthews Mfune, Position: Executive and Artistic Director,Qualifications: MSCE, Unesco Trainer on Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention (2003), Phone: 0999563031/ 0881898295, Email: / ,Location: Lilongwe
  2. Mr. Ronald kanyerere, Position: Anthropologist, Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, Phone: 0999951080/0888951080, Email:, Location:Lilongwe
  3. Ms. Virginia Kacheche, Position: Community Development Officer, Qualifications: Certificate in Community Development, Phone: 0888768948,, Location:Lilongwe
  4. Mr. Atusaye J. Mwenisongole, Position: Accountant, Qualifications: Bachelo’s degree in Accountancy, Phone: 0888434343, Email:, Location:Lilongwe



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